Anonymous said: Your inspiration?

It all stems from my faith, but various avenues. Life, love, the lack thereof, and everything in between

@1 day ago

Anonymous said: Iphone 6, thoughts?

Haven’t read too much into it, honestly (which I totally should have being a tech person). But when I see it, I’ll probably want it but never get it because by the time I actually need a new phone they’ll be on the iPhone 7 or something

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: Any phobias?

Insects. Especially the flying kind.

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: What is your fondest memory with your friends?

I don’t really think in superlatives like that.

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: If pizza didn't exist, what would your favorite food be?

Fried noodles

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: What is one band or musician that you have not seen yet you want to see?

Arcane Roots

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: Do you like how your life is currently going? ie: friends, job, significant other, career.

It’s life, I have a lot to be thankful for, a lot to improve, a lot of work to do.  If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the realization that I can’t cram all the stuff I want to into my days anymore.

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: What is your fondest memory with your significant other?

Same holds true here.  Every memory is special and important.

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: If you could change one thing about society what would it be and why?

The system of higher education that exists in this country is a huge mess. That.

@1 week ago

Anonymous said: Favorite console?

I think I’ve actually answered this one recently, but the 3DS. Best games out there right now. At least until the holidays. The new Smash (whicj is on 3DS too anyway) an Hyrule Warriors look like loads of fun. Basically Nintendo rules my life right now

@2 weeks ago