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Anonymous said: Anything exciting happening personally in your like in next few months?

My band’s album release should be pretty cool

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Catcalling, sexual offense, and the patriarchy

Okay, gonna type some words laced with opinions. Bear with me.

So you guys know how it’s fashionable to ridicule men and their sexual frustrations in popular culture? I think it’s kind of, well, ridiculous. I think I’m just tired of seeing my entire gender reduced to a degrading Buzzfeed list. Actually more than one. It’s becoming its own subgenre of Buzzfeed lists.

But here’s why I don’t like it (and many other satires of today): Oversimplification. It’s dangerous and breeds nasty cynicism and masks solutions to problems and innovative thinking. In this case, it paints men to be a perpetually prepubescent, unthinking husk of hormones incapable of higher thought unless this thinking promises the reward of sex. Many of us know the reality: there are men, for whatever reason, that behave exactly like this. Rather than preaching the choir, what if we did more than identify problems? What if we actively made moves to overcome them?

I mean this: Don’t just tell a guy, “Stop catcalling, you look like a pig.” How is that a solution to anything? He probably isn’t going to listen to you, and chances are he’s accepted that label already anyway. The action wasn’t taken soon enough. Instead, what if we raised our sons up to realize there’s a human being with a beautiful story attached to the body parts he’s staring at? I think that also starts from telling our sons that there’s also a human being attached to the body parts he’s thinking with. Men, be genuine and lead by example. Everyone, know that alcohol weakens inhibitions and the consequences thereof, and a lot of the people you’ll meet out at bars aren’t usually the cream of the crop. Don’t go expecting cordial, “normal” behavior.

Our popular culture tells our young men that they’re supposed to act like unintelligent, sex-driven animals, and they eat it up to fit in: They seek affirmation as men based on standards that rate them less than human. I recently saw an ad featuring a “dad that has it all together” and it was the talk of the night because it actually showed a man being competent.  Why the hell should that be a shocking or rare event? The very idea of it made me so mad. Let’s break the mold already, I’m tired of it.

We have campaigns to stop slut-shaming, body-shaming, and everything-else-shaming. Can we start one to stop man-shaming?

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Anonymous said: Favorite genera of starter pokemon.

Gen I or II probably. Really, just for Charmander and Totodile

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Anonymous said: Any plans for tomorrow

Seeing a friend play music tonight!

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Anonymous said: What makes you happy?

Using my gifts to positively impact the people around me

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Anonymous said: Crushin on someone?

Same girl, every day =]

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Anonymous said: What is the craziest thing you've ever done

I’ve done a lot of stupid things. One time I lit a sewer storm run-off on fire. That was pretty crazy

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Today’s Best Videos (Aug. 27, 2014)


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